natural BIO treats for dogs

natural BIO treats for dogs







What are the benefits of dog treats?

  • prevent tartar
  • develop chewing muscles
  • strengthen gums
  • improve skin and coat condition
  • regulate metabolism

Treats for dogs of all breeds

There are large and small, young and aged, active and playful or affectionate and domestic dogs. And each of them has its own tastes and preferences. But one thing is constant: all dogs, regardless of their breed and lifestyle, love treats!

We have developed a full product line of dog treats. They are suitable for treating a pet of any breed and build, aged from three months. Pamper your pet with a natural “Bobik-Snobik” meat product with no additives, dyes or preservatives!

“Bobik-Snobik” are natural dried BIO treats for dogs of all breeds and ages

  • Желудки куриные
  • Кожа говяжья
  • Легкое говяжье
  • Кишки говяжьи
  • Кишки говяжьи
    About the company

    For more than 10 years, Bertonley produces pet treats.

    Over the years we have studied the needs and preferences of the pets, and we know how to ensure healthy and joyful life for them, make their lives healthier and happier.

    Where can you buy our treats?

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